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Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Photos 0

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Looking at his face lately, it’s hard to deny the Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery rumors. He reportedly has had some work done on his appearance, and unluckily his procedures did not go well. He...

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Photos 0

Gabrielle Anwar Before and After Plastic Surgery

Gabrielle Anwar’s plastic surgery has been features in headlines of beauty and celebrity magazines for a long time, moreover some celebrity viewers are still discussing and wondering if she surely has had some works...

Madonna Plastic Surgery Photos 0

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Madonna Louise Ciccone or better known as Madonna is surely a beautiful woman. She is not only best known as  a singer-songwriter but she also well known as an actress and businesswoman. She got...