Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The fans of Kim Tae Heeare being shocked when they found that their favorite actress has been rumored to have some works done to improve her image. However, some still wondered about the issue of her surgical procedures if the actress has been really under plastic surgeon’s knife. They realize that almost Korean stars have had plastic surgery to improve their image but they do not think if their super star has followed other Korean actresses’ footsteps like Dawn Yang and Hyoyeon SNSD in getting some beauty enhancements.

For you who have not known who Kim Tae Hee is, she is a South Korean model and actress. Her name became popular since she was involved in various Korean drama series like Iris and Love Story in Harvard. She had important role in My Princess and Stairway to Heaven series. Kim Tae Hee cosmetic surgery rumor was firstly spreading to the public since this beautiful girl who was born on March 29, 1980 has different look on some her photo shots. For them who saw the difference directly compare her photos before being superstar with her latest pictures. They were shocked because they found something different on her appearance hence they suppose that she might be under plastic surgeon’s knife. So, if she really has got some works done, what kinds of surgical procedures did she have?

Kim Tae Hee Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Judging by comparing before and after photos, she now has wide opened eyes impression than she used to. We guess that she might get double eyelid surgery to make her eyes look bigger and beautiful as we can see now. The other signs that lead to the plastic surgery suspicions are on her cheek and chin appearances which look more plumped and sharper than before. Some people guess that she also has apparently got chin and cheek implants. The other possibilities, is the use of facial filler injection like Botox or other. It can be seen from her face skin which looks so smooth, tight, and fresh as if it is hard to find some wrinkles or other frown lines on her face.

Many actresses may have anti-aging through plastic surgery procedures to enhance and maintain their youthful appearance as well as Kim Tae-hee. Some experts say that she has got some works done. So, in her 33-year-old-age she can still look beautiful and ageless without visible aging signs on her face.

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