Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After: Facelift & Botox

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After

The legendary actress Donna Jean Miller or better known as Donna Mills still looks amazing although she has no longer young. This beautiful actress is 70 years old but she still looks charming. As a senior actress, she must have been staring many films and television series during her career in entertainment industry. However, her name is now being hot topic for some celebrity and beauty magazines. It is not caused by her career achievements but it is all about the rumor that Donna Mills has plastic surgery procedures.

Has Donna Mills Had Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery trend apparently does not recognize the age, it can be a trend for young celebrities even it also can be the best way to grid the aging signs for old actress as like Donna Mills. She reportedly has been under surgeon’s knife to keep her youthful appearance in her 70’s age.

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery rumor is firstly spreading out to the public when some people feel doubt with her natural beauty, and then they compare her old pictures with her latest appearance. They wonder how she can look young in her old age if she does not have any surgical procedure.

Based on before after photos, Donna’s face indeed looks so smooth, fresh, flawless, and tight even it likely does not have any wrinkles, crows’ feet line and other aging lines. Some predict that she has got facelift, Botox, dermal fillers, and also laser treatment. According to Dr. Anthony Youn, Ms. Mills has apparently had facelift procedure, then the surgeon showed the signs of her facial surgery on her cheek which looks bit lifted and puffier. Furthermore, he pointed on her face which now looks so youthful and smooth without any aging signs like wrinkles or crows feet line. The doctor believed that her youthful and smooth face appearance was the result of using Botox injection or others dermal fillers injection.  Dr. Youn explained that the use of some facial filler injection like botox or other dermal filler injection can help to rejuvenate and remove the wrinkles or age lines around the face. In his conclusion, he noticed that Donna Mills looks wonderful in her age and she does not look to go overboard with her plastic surgery procedures.

In addition, Donna Mills Plastic Surgery can be example for good plastic surgery because she looks more beautiful and younger after she got some works done even though her age is not young anymore, 70-year-old-age.

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